Tuesday, March 6, 2012


There are two quick items I'd like to address related to my blog.  These issues have arisen in the course of blogging on the first three cards of the Major Arcana.

1.  When I initially mentioned the order that I was going to take the cards in, especially the Minor Arcana, I went with a more traditional order for the cards.  However, in re-reading Chanel's book on the King's Journey tarot, I remembered that she had a specific order in mind for the Minor Arcana that corresponded more with her model for the journey of the deck.  This makes a lot of sense, and in that spirit I am going to take the Minor Arcana in the following order:


In this manner I can model my own personal journey in the same way that Chanel did when she designed the deck.

2.  I am a busy man with a full time job and two volunteer obligations.  I believe that I have set myself up for failure in setting a six month goal for completion of this project.  I thought that a short timeline would be a good discipline, however the nature of this project is all about reflection and introspection on the journey that I am taking - the journey that we all are taking.  So, again, in the spirit of Julie and Julia, which was my inspiration for the project, I am setting myself a one year deadline for the project.  Therefore my completion date will be February 12, 2013.  This way I can truly take the time I need for each card and also be able to reflect on the overall nature of how the cards fit together - the "big picture."

I sure wish there was a tracking option for these blogs so I could set deadlines - oh well!  Such is life.

That is all.  Next up is the Empress.



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